Bedroom Golf Lessons with Stephy
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Can you believe that there are people out there who don't think that golf is a real sport? They say it's because golf doesn't cause you to sweat. Obviously, those people have never played golf in the bedroom! Bedroom Golf is a sport for real athletes who want to take their game to the next level. It's for men who desire a more exciting, more intense, sporting experience. I work out for several hours every day in order to stay in top shape.

Make sure you drink your gatorade. I'm going to make you sweat.

As your instructor, I can be very flexible and accommodating. There is no set plan, and I help you work on whatever you want to learn, whether it's help with your club or help with your balls. I know that you care a lot about your equipment, and I promise that I will take exceptionally good care of it.

Special Rates for Stephy

Incall: 350/hr
Incall: 250/hhr
Incall: 200/qqr
Outcall: Add $50 for a travel fee

Stressful day at the office? Have you ever fantasized about sneaking around for a quick round of golf in the middle of your lunch break, before getting back to work? I know that you're a busy man, and sometimes it can be hard to squeeze in time for fun and recreation. Same day appointments are always welcome. I know that you're a busy, busy man.

Testimonials for Stephy:

"I know this is way late but since I can't stop thinking about her I thought I should give her a review. Stephy by was easy to set up with. She obviously loves what she does and is very enthusiastic and know what she likes. I highly recommend her." -7950stang (9/13/2017)

"Simply put she has set a standard that can not be matched. The filthy and debaucherous things Stephy has done to me....... was incredible. My god she is a sexual beast that will consume your sexual energy just to sustain her own life. She is a modern day succubus." -Sparky31 (7/02/2017)

"The great thing about Stephy is that once you know her, setup is quick and fast. As always, take your vitamins and be well rested. As with any provider, be nice, and be politeas it really pays off. From what I gathered, another hobbyist wasn't. The good news is Stephy decided I was just the one to benefit and put her back in the mood. Oh My." -icabod (6/06/2009)

"Met her the other day and she is an exact match to her pics. She is very thorough and makes sure you are completely satisfied before leaving, I recommend seeing her!" -Opsmanager2872 (5/24/2017)

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