Bedroom Golf Lessons with Stephy
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Can you believe that there are people out there who don't think that golf is a real sport? They say it's because golf doesn't cause you to sweat. Obviously, those people have never played golf in the bedroom! Bedroom Golf is a sport for real athletes who want to take their game to the next level. It's for men who desire a more exciting, more intense, sporting experience. I work out for several hours every day in order to stay in top shape.

Make sure you drink your gatorade. I'm going to make you sweat.

As your instructor, I can be very flexible and accommodating. There is no set plan, and I help you work on whatever you want to learn, whether it's help with your club or help with your balls. I know that you care a lot about your equipment, and I promise that I will take exceptionally good care of it.


Incall: 350/hr
Incall: 200/hhr
Outcall: Add $50 for a travel fee

Stressful day at the office? Have you ever fantasized about sneaking around for a quick round of golf in the middle of your lunch break, before getting back to work? I know that you're a busy man, and sometimes it can be hard to squeeze in time for fun and recreation. Same day appointments are always welcome. I know that you're a busy, busy man.


"I have found Stephy to be a down to earth woman, that captivated my imagination but also talks the talk and walks the walk. I like a grounded woman that I feel knows herself the best first. She is an athlete and works out to keep so trim and fit." -Uther Pendragon (3/24/2009)

"Most incredible woman I have ever been with. I felt like I was swept up in a sensual tornado. Being with Stephy is a "once in a lifetime" type experience I plan on repeating as often as possible.." -Pack (1/19/2010)

"I have seen Stephy many times over a decade. Stephy is the perfect date for me. We happen to share an explosive, melt-down chemistry." -Mark Everett (1/03/2009)

" We were talking and joking and she told me to give her a call in 1.5 to 2 hrs later. So I did and we started yapping again like we were long lost friends [...] Steph treats you with respect and passion. I'm a sucker for the mature women as they know how to please you. The younger ones just seem to in it for just the $ so sometimes the time spent with them doesn't seem as genuine. So go see Steph as soon as you can, she's just one lady you can't miss !!" -Bad Brad 38 (11/21/2008)

"I’ve seen Stephy a half dozen times or so over the past few years and each time I just have a hell of a good time! I personally like ladies with a bit of seasoning and some experience. Stephy fits right in there! She’s sort of like a 20 year old cheerleader with a very creative and adventurous mind! She’s open-minded, speaks her mind, and she lets you know what she does or does not want. I’ve seen many providers over the past 10 years and Stephy remains at the top of my list of favorites because every time I see her I go away stimulated, amused, satisfied and looking forward to more! "
-Vintage Wind (11/10/2008)

"This chick knows what she's doing and she surely loves it. For a MILF who is not afraid to admit she's on her way of forty, she performs like a twenty year old on jolt cola with a lifetime of experience. [...]. Stephy is a great woman with many talents, she seems very dedicated to everything she does and is as real as it gets. By the way, for all you asian men out there, Stephy shares my passion and lust for Asians so please, do be careful." -Me Time (4/10/2008)

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